Friday, June 12, 2009

How I've improved in writing

This year I have learned a lot. I have improved in poetry and learned how to do vignettes. I can stay on task easy and listen well. Something I will have to work on is doing better at my writing.

2009 English Reflection

This is my reflection of my 2009 English class. This has been my favorite class in my two years in high school. I have learned a lot in this class, mostly grammar and spelling. I liked how we acted out some of the books, like Macbeth, and Monster. I think it was cool how we learned about stuff and had fun at the same time. One thing I was not so good at was poetry. At first I could not do it, and then as the year went on I started getting better at it. This year in English was the best year I have had in English, thanks to Mrs. Deraps.